24k Gold Plating Kit

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Give virtually any metal a 100% real 24k gold finish! The unique design of the Jewel Master Gold Plating System has been specifically designed to make immersion/dip electro-plating fast and easy; without compromising quality, and always delivering consistent results! The Jewel Master is the most efficient, effective, and reliable immersion electro-plating system available! With more than 20 years of electro-plating innovation, we have created top of the line products. Our products were designed with you in mind. Entities such as top government contracts, to industry leaders like Cisco Systems, Texas Instruments, and major Universities around the world have purchased our products. We have engineered it for easy use, making it practical for entry level entrepreneurs and hobbyists as well. Our unique easy to use features combined with affordability, efficiency, and consistency separate our equipment, solutions, and supplies from any others available. Gold Plating Services is the most reliable supplier for you; for all your electro-plating needs!

The Jewel Master plating system is $1449.00 USD for the option 2 which includes all the chemicals and equipment necessary for plating with gold solution. You can order online at our website or by phone or email.

Website: www.goldplating.com
E-mail: info@goldplating.com
Phone: 801-546-6200

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