Dirt Fishin America Episode 3: Minelab CTX 3030 finds deep old silver! Metal detecting.

On this episode of Dirt Fishin America the guys travel to Historic Baker City Oregon for a day of metal detecting for coins left over from the gold rush. Good luck beats out bad weather and the guys find some nice 1800’s silver coins. Sorry I misspelled “starring” at the beginning. Didn’t catch it until I had already posted it.

Metal detecting for treasure, coin cache and relics with.
Minelab CTX 3030
Minelab Explorer ll
Minelab pro find 25
Lesche digger
Sampson T handle shovel


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  2. I live in a town that which was booming during its early days around 1900. An oil town. Now the homes that were built during that time are being torn down by the hundreds leaving nothing more than empty lots. There are hundreds of them. In the 60 years I have lived here I have never seen anyone sweep, so it must be virgin territory. In 1812 there used to be a fort along the river. History records indicate the Kickapoo Indians robbed and buried $40,000 in gold along a river about twenty miles to the north of here. Several people have witnessed a ghost, an Indian on horseback, which has been said he is protecting the treasure until his tribe returns. After watching so many videos I have developed a terrible itch accompanied by sleepless nights wondering about all the gold and silver under my feet.

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