World War II Metal Detecting – A Weapon Treasure

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Metaldetecting WW2 Episode 9. Hello dear friends! This is a video of our last tour this year. It’s not really a tour like the other ones we’ve been on, this one was just a one-day-tour actually. But even though it was a short tour, it was our best tour ever. We found a weapon dump pit with a total of 6 weapons in it, plus a lot of magazines in really amazing condition. We found the long awaited MP40, plus 4 Degtyaryova Tankovy (DT) machine guns, which are quite rare relics to be found with a metal detector.. It was really a find of a lifetime and we invite you to take the tour together with us in this video. Our advice: don’t skip the video, just sit back and enjoy 🙂 Feel free to post comments or ask questions. Enjoy the video!

A hunt with Boddeus and Lean, visit his Boddeus’ relichunting channel

and Lean’s channel

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Our equipment:

XP Gmaxx II
XP Gmaxx II
XP Gmaxx II
White’s Matrix M6
White’s TM-808
Canon Powershot A1200
Kodak ZX5 Playsport
GoPro Headcam 2x
Panasonic HC V510

WWII Metal detecting videos.

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